Hybrid Cars vs. Electric Vehicles

2020 Audi Q5 Electric charging


If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly option as you drive around Denver, but aren’t sure which vehicle is best for you there are a couple of options available. You can choose from a hybrid or electric vehicle, but what is the difference? Here are the differences highlighted between a traditional hybrid and electric vehicle:



  • Hybrid: Hybrid vehicles are available as plug-in hybrids or self-charging hybrids. One can be plugged in and operates as a fully electric vehicle and runs on gas separately as a last resort. The self-charging operates with the electric motor and engine in tandem, and self-charges.
  • Electric vehicles: Electric vehicles have no combustion engines, they run solely on electric power. So, they have virtually no emissions.

Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles

As stated above, electric vehicles use combustion engines. This means that electric vehicles have almost zero emissions, whereas a traditional combustion engine releases greenhouse gases affecting the ozone layer and overall planetary health. The market is becoming increasingly attuned to the benefits of electric vehicles. In the next few years, many manufacturers hope to transition to electric vehicles. 

Driver Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There are quite a few advantages for drivers of electric vehicles. Take a look at what you’re getting with an electric vehicle:

  • Affordability and Budgeting: No longer will you need to pay for gas, all you have to do is charge your vehicle at home and you are ready to go. Maintenance is required fewer and farther in between so you will have less maintenance costs.
  • Variety: There is a larger variety for you to choose from and there is a range of power and acceleration that seems unprecedented for an electric vehicle. 
  • Incentives: There are a variety of incentives for people buying electric. Companies, insurers, cities, states, and the federal government provide rebates and credits for those driving electric vehicles. 

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